DNA sequencing of all complexities including single tube, high-throughput, standard and solution-oriented, complex, custom, or GLP DNA sequencing. Primer synthesis for polymerase chain reactions and amplicon sequencing for molecular diagnostics and identification/discovery of new infectious agents.

DNA and RNA Amplification and Synthesis

Gene expression profiling and Genetic diagnostics based on different genetic tests available such as genetic tests for cancer predisposition (e.g., Breast, Ovarian, Uterine cancers).

-List of tests offered daily-

Novel Molecular Diagnostics including pathogen detection

Consultation services in primer design, performing experiments, analyses and interpretations of DNA-based results including quality control, normalization, visualization, various statistics and evaluation of results and integration/pooling different data types.

Bioinformatics Support


Provide specialized molecular laboratory training and employment for high caliber biotechnology African scientists through Public-Private Sector partnership model of training and retaining the best African talent in translational DNA-technologies.



Storage facilities for blood, DNA and RNA samples at -20, -80 or -196 degrees Celsius.  Our freezers are connected to uninterrupted power supply 24 hrs a day to ensure your samples are at safe conditions.